Welcome at Waterberg Wilderness
Visit Waterberg Mountain – northern Namibia's second largest attraction after Etosha!
a sandstone plateau of up to 200 m high, with many springs
lush and unrivalled flora
more than 200 different bird species
national park with rare game species on the plateau
traces of history from primeval times to the present
Experience Waterberg and the fringes of the Kalahari in our 'Waterberg Wilderness' Park!
private nature reserve (bordering on the national park)
variety of scenery - plateau, slope, valley, plain
affordable well-appointed accommodation (lodges, camping site)
guided hiking tour onto the plateau (no park fee is due)
laid out trails for hiking by oneself
scenic drive in the private reserve which is teeming with game (rhino, giraffe and
many others)
game tracking on foot
cultural tour to the Herero village of Okakarara
  New lodge overlooking the valley - 2 September 2014
Guests of the private nature reserve Waterberg Wilderness have a new accommodation to choose...
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  Details about all of Waterberg Wilderness’s accommodation facilities and activities, with rates and maps, for printing:
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